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Master's Message - June 2017

My Brothers,

Last month, our brothers at Monmouth Lodge celebrated the 120th Anniversary of their lodge by holding a ceremony rededicating the cornerstone of the building.

During the ceremony, the Grand Master pours, or causes to be poured, corn, wine and oil, “symbolizing health, prosperity and peace. The fruits of the land are poured upon the cornerstone to signify that it will form part of a building which shall grow, be used for the purposes of proper refreshment, and become useful and valuable to men.” (Short Talk Bulletin, August,1930)

The cornerstone ceremony dates back to the 1700’s and the earliest on record is in Scotland in 1738 and the earliest in the United States was 1738 of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

While witnessing the ceremony, I began to contemplate the metaphor of the Entered Apprentice and his place in the Northeast corner as foundation of our Fraternity. The North is said to represent the place of darkness, while the East is the place of light. His standing in the Northeast corner also represents the foundation stone of his new life as he is a beginner in Masonry and has come out of the darkness.

We’ve been having many discussions about what do we have to offer the Entered Apprentice and if we are providing value to him. My Brothers, it is up to us to ensure that we are! Our symbolic temples can only be supported by a solid foundation.

There are 2 things that I ask you to contemplate, are you helping create a solid foundation by serving as an example to a new Mason? While each newly initiated brother has a mentor, that doesn’t mean you can’t impart your wisdom upon them.

The other is that while we will be on refreshment for the Summer after this month, I hope that you will work on your Masonic foundation by practicing Morality, Brotherly Love, & Charity – the purest principles that our fraternity is founded upon – as a foundation that is neglected starts to crumble.

Remember my brothers, as with all things, you get out of Freemansonry what you put into it.

Travel well.


James M. Sestito
Worshipful Master