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Master's Message - April 2018

My Brothers,

As we continue our journey along the Compass Rose, let me now bring us to the last of the 4 cardinal directions, the NORTH.

NORTH, in Western culture, is treated as the fundamental direction. North is used (explicitly or implicitly) to define all other directions.

It is the opposite of SOUTH and is perpendicular to EAST and WEST.

The North and South are two imaginary points and are referred to as the “Celestial Poles” which remain fixed in the sky, with all other points appearing to rotate around them.

The North celestial pole is within a degree of the bright star Polaris (or North Star), which is useful for navigation in the northern hemisphere. Thus demonstrating, once again the importance and value of Astronomy.

In Masonic symbolism, the North Side of the Lodge represents God’s exalted throne.

“As one progresses through the rites and symbolisms of Freemasonry, receiving more and more Light, he reaches the Northeast Corner with the outward appearances of a perfect and upright Mason, a true and tried representative of the cornerstone of a great moral and spiritual edifice.”

Allegorically speaking, perhaps, that is why, we are reconducted into the Lodge (Entered Apprentice Degree) through the North and placed in the Northeast corner as a “point of beginning; midway between the darkness of the NORTH and the light of the EAST.”

The Northeast (an intercardinal or ordinal direction) where cornerstones are laid.

Thus, it is here, in the Northeast that; “The Entered Apprentice lays his Masonic Cornerstone standing in the Northeast corner of the lodge, midway between the darkness of profane ignorance and the full light of the symbolic East.”

From the East,

Stephen J.. Hoptay Jr.
Worshipful Master

Brethren, sorry for the confusion. If you owe $166.00 (2018 Dues) or less you are not in arrears in your dues ($48.00 for those paying Grand Lodge assessment only). I missed a small, but important calculation when I did the notices. I forgot to change the setting for this years dues. You are not in the arrears. I will probably be getting many e-mails or phone calls for clarification.

Sorry for any confusion regarding your dues and thank you to those who contacted me with the error.

G. Roger Woodman
Durand Lodge No. 179