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Master's Message - May 2019

My Dear Brother,

Let us all congratulate our Durand Brethren: RW Gary J. Olsen on his election to Junior Grand Warden of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of New Jersey.

Also, RW James M. Sestito on his appointment as Grand Chaplain of the 17th District State of New Jersey.

Last month was one of the most interesting, enlightening, challenging and celebratory times that we have experienced in quite some time. Grand Lodge Communication and the political arena, which was created by the brethren's personal ideals and passion for the Fraternity's future was at an all-time high. We can all say we learned from the experience in many ways. We hear that the Fraternity is declining in membership, funds and even unity. So my question is, "Do we need more "men" in Masonry or do we need more "masonry" in the men we have?".

Last month Durand hosted MW Gregory Scott, who visited us to explain his vision "Strength in Unity" for his term as our Grand Master.

My Brothers," We" are "Family". It is not the SIZE that will make "US" or "Any" Family, Business or Fraternity Strong, it is the Unity, Love, Faith, Hope, Truth, Peace, Harmony and Respect that make our Families and especially our beloved Fraternity "Strong and Healthy". With this, we will be able to prevail over any challenge that we may face in the future.

We have many members of varied religious faiths. The spectrum of religions spans Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and many more. The lack of solidarity of these lodges and the communication between them has been counterproductive to the goal of unity in Freemasonry. We also should remember that Masonry is a Global Fraternity and practiced in many languages.

The masonic goal is unification of all mankind, especially the brethren. This will create the mystic tie and pure brotherly love that we should live by, to influence humanity throughout the world. We must be enlightened by the teachings of the masonic ritual, as well as religion, philosophy, and morality.

With Love, Light and Unity,
I humbly serve you my brother,
Sincerely and with Fraternal Love,

WB Robert P. Kennedy
Worshipful Master