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Master's Message - March 2018

My Brothers,

In prior messages, I have addressed 2 of the 4 Cardinal Points of the Compass, the East and the West. Now, in the month of March it seems only appropriate that we look to the direction of our Junior Warden for: “As the Sun in the South is the Beauty and Glory of the Day, So Stands the Junior Warden in the South...”

The South is one of the two celestial poles. The other being 180 degrees in the opposite direction, known as the North. These two poles (North and South) serve as the axis upon which the Earth rotates, allowing the Sun to Rise in the East (Worshipful Master) and set in the West (Senior Warden).

Why in the South Brother Junior Warden?

“Because of the Earth's axial tilt, no matter what the location of the viewer, there are only two days each year when the sun rises precisely due east. These days are the equinoxes. On all other days, depending on the time of year, the sun rises either north or south of true east (and sets north or south of true west). For all locations the sun is seen to rise north of east (and set north of west) from the Northward equinox to the Southward equinox, and rise south of east (and set south of west) from the Southward equinox to the Northward equinox.”

This month, the Vernal Equinox occurs on the 20th (approximately 12:15 EDT).

Why, you might ask, is this important to us, as Masons. We need only to reflect back to our teachings of our Fellowcraft Degree: “ASTRONOMY is that sublime science which inspires the contemplative mind to soar aloft, and read in the heavens the wisdom, strength and beauty of the Creator. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth his handiwork.”

So, My Brothers, as we continue to travel on our journey in Masonry, let us continue to gain direction and knowledge from the 360 degrees of our physical, educational, religious, and moral compasses. May they always point us in the right direction.

From the East,

Stephen J.. Hoptay Jr.
Worshipful Master

Brethren, sorry for the confusion. If you owe $166.00 (2018 Dues) or less you are not in arrears in your dues ($48.00 for those paying Grand Lodge assessment only). I missed a small, but important calculation when I did the notices. I forgot to change the setting for this years dues. You are not in the arrears. I will probably be getting many e-mails or phone calls for clarification.

Sorry for any confusion regarding your dues and thank you to those who contacted me with the error.

G. Roger Woodman
Durand Lodge No. 179