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Master's Message - March 2019

My Brother,

The vernal (spring) equinox is upon us, and in this present age, the tilt of the planet is of little concern in today's world. Unfortunately, it is also often overlooked in Freemasonry, being such a huge part of our history and a major role in masonic light and symbolism with the "point within the circle". On Wednesday, March 20th during vernal (spring) equinox, an interesting thing happens, for the briefest moment of time the planet becomes suspended in place. A point when the earth is neither closer to nor further away from the sun. Which is when day and night fall into equal balance known as Equinoxis latin for "equal night". I encourage you to research and enlighten yourself about "the point within the circle" as it was my first presentation in our beloved Durand masonic Temple. One of my goals is for us to furnish our Lodge room this year with one as every lodge room should be furnished with one.

In a more traditional celebration, the Equinox is as much a means to "reflect on our relative state" as it is a means to celebrate "our resurrection".

Hiram Abiff, as a symbol... of the Sun and the Egyptian god Osiris, represents resurrection. As it states, "the body of our Grand Master Hiram Abiff is to be found or reborn in the spiritual rebirth of the Sun, or Osiris at the Vernal or Spring Equinox of the sign of Aries the Ram."

My dear brother... welcome to the spring, as new beginning and the "renewal of life" and the 'return of the sun" as our planet orbits in the heavens. This is a time of spiritual rebirth for us all as well as nature's rebirth and growth of life on earth. As Everything starts as a seed and grows, I wholeheartedly wish unto all of you, to plant a seed inside of yourself of a new-found hope, the growth of stronger faith, and to reignite those burning desires in your heart and spirit. So that YOU, may become a better… Man, Mason, and to be proven as a "true and worthy" Brother amongst "us all" and to the entire World.

If you want and seek change, simply become the change.

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."
? Albert Einstein

With Love, Light and Unity,
I humbly serve you my brother,
Sincerely and with Fraternal Love,

Robert P. Kennedy
Worshipful Master